Love Aaj Kal – The Dating Scenario Nowadays

Love Aaj Kal – The Dating Scenario Nowadays

May 31, 2018 0 By Anubhav Singh Negi
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Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Hearts warm up. And they are struck with a love arrow for the rest of their lives.

Sounds straight from a fairy tale. Doesn’t it? But does it happen anymore?


The millennials have become so inept at making close, deep, meaningful connections and the exclusivity in a relationship between two people is outdated. The devoted loyalty has been replaced by lack of honesty and commitment. At the first sight of a little adversity, we are ready to desert the ship of long-held commitment and affection and go astray in search for a new emotional and physical bond. The bond for life is not exactly what we are looking for,  just the temporary and instant thrill which can make us feel alive at that very moment. Today’s relationship is nothing more than a matter of convenience for us.

But, why is this happening?

Two things. The first one being – lack of commitment. We are off the cuffs for the sacrifices; for the time-worn idea of unconditional love; for the compromises the relationship demands. The efforts which are the rudimentary ingredients for a content relationship, we no longer have the will to put in those efforts. We are the generation of lost souls that gets bored easily; we seek new excitements every day. When everything comes easy, why would we want to invest time and heart, day in day out to make one relationship prosper? We are not ready to put in all that it takes to make a relationship work.
The second being the availability of options. Only a few would adhere to emotional monogamy and even a physical one when the choices are plethora – the friendly colleague, an old acquaintance who is ready to lend ears to our trivial problems, recently met, good looking, fun to be with “friend’s friend”, etc. An abundance of options is what you get easily. Instant gratification is all that we seek.

Connections have become alike surfing online shopping sites. If you do not get an item of your choice at one website, you conveniently search for it at another site. We have started applying the same in the relationships we form. If your partner is away and you don’t get the comfort of emotional and physical intimacy from them, you think it’s absolutely normal to seek it somewhere else. Suddenly, you start feeding the entire course of your feelings and thoughts to someone other than the one you formed a relationship with.

We form new bonds at the slightest attraction and jump out the moment something better comes along. Our generation of people has forgotten how to love someone madly and truly anymore.