Is It Good To Be Good?

Is It Good To Be Good?

May 31, 2018 0 By Vartika Aggarwal
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We come across a number of people around the globe. It is difficult to understand what actually people think and what actually they pretend to be. Different situations lead to different perspectives. But after going through a number of experiences, one thing that comes to every individual’s mind is “is it really good to be good”. Many of us have heard that the world does not really accept good people, and that life is unfair. Is it true?  Have the moral values and ethics really degraded, or is it something that we are leading with us.

A man can cheat others, but how can he cheat a man he sees in the mirror? The world counts no help for others today and in case if they do, lays their own area of interests. Cheating today can help you but what about the moment next! A student can cheat in exams today, score good marks and get satisfied. Out of this satisfaction he would never revise the study materials again. And the next time, he will fail.

“What goes around always comes back”, Bill gates once said. I was poor, very poor when a little boy helped me. Later when I became rich, I tried finding him. Luckily, when I found him and offered him a help, the boy uttered “I was poorer than you, when I helped you “. The happiness of being good is the satisfaction of life. You may get million benefits being bad, but you would never get the peace of heart. And a person who doesn’t have a peaceful heart can never stay happy. So, yes! Seems like it’s good to be good.

A smile because of you, is the actual smile that you will get. A person stuck in a situation has to decide which way he has to choose. The devil and the demon lie in the same! He can choose money over his self-respect or alternatives over hard work. But both have different results. Money can’t buy happiness and satisfaction. Unless you are good, no money can help you.

Life is a circle, there might be infinite points. But the fact is that every point should be accurate. Each starting point and its end must be précised and this can only be done when a person follow his values. To be good, doesn’t sum up to being perfect. Perfection has no meaning but being good does. A person who can answer himself after what he does is good. The world can make you king for a day but it’s better to be a warrior with pride in your own eyes. There might be hundreds or two that would pass a judgment but a few who would really correct you. Those are good! A good person always emits a good aura around himself; a sense of happiness and positivity.

Please yourself first, if you ever want to please someone. And the question you should ask yourself “Where my deeds will take me?”