How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2019

How to Build Quality Backlinks in 2019

March 19, 2019 0 By webqoof
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Before we proceed any further, what is a backlink?

A backlink is known as “Incoming Links” to the website. Backinking is the process when you link any other page to your webpage. Therefore, a backlink is one of the important metrics used for ranking your website in the search engine results. Want to know how you can do this?

What is Backlink?

Tips on Increasing Quality Backlinks:

  • Be the face of the company. Some websites may need interviews for them to post on their pages. So try to be on an interview. This means whenever the interview is posted, you and your website will be backlinked by default.
  • Donations are an excellent way to mark your presence and get a backlink from that particular page. Donate to an NGO or other communities that are raising funds. They will make it sure to backlink your website on their page for your contributions.
  • Testimonials are a great way to get a backlink from that company as the companies for which you write about are most likely to add your website link while adding your testimonial to their website.
  • Be critical. Make sure you follow all your fellow competitors and their strategies and campaigns that they have been using and have had a positive response. And, do the same. At the same time, neglect those that may have been of low conversation rate so that you can avoid the mistakes they did.
  • Be a frequent guest blogger, a lot of websites allow guest-blogging. It is essential to be seen on multiple platforms, this will not only help you be out there in the market but help gain new audiences as well. This may not get your page a backlink at all times but will help you reach out to a more number of viewers.
  • This may cost a little bit, but it’s worth every penny you spend on it. Get infographics done by a professional. Infographics are the visual representation of what your page is about and what its highlights are. They are easy to share and who does on like visual aids! Once your infographics are ready, reach out to a possible vendor and suggest your name for a possibility for backlinks along with your infographics.
  • There is something called as the broken link method where you will have to make a list of all the websites that are being backlinked by the sites. Find all the outdated or unused backlinked websites and reach out to the administrators of the websites you have reviewed. Intimate them about the situation and give them alternatives for their backlinks including yours. It is highly likely that they will be choosing your website over the other.

To Conclude:

With all these, the most important thing to do is marketing and maintenance. As hard as it is to get the backlinks for your website, it is equally tough to maintain the backlink contact, so track down your backlinks at all times and make sure all these reach to the public as soon as possible. Read the complete article on How to generate quality backlinks to double website rankings.