Cooking Or Not Cooking Is My Choice! Problems?

Cooking Or Not Cooking Is My Choice! Problems?

May 31, 2018 0 By EENA MEENA DEEKA
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A Note To Some  “Well-Wishers”

For all those fake well-wishers, who continuously keep prodding me about what food items I cook or know how to cook (or lack of cooking skills), let me tell you, knowing how to cook food is a basic human survival skill, which everyone should know in order to keep themselves alive.

However, going by the standards of today’s ever-changing and evolving global services, it is not really a necessity. Everything you require is instantly available at the click of an app button; it’s totally all right if nowadays people do not know how to cook basic stuff and do not plan to learn cooking either. This is also because by now, they have figured out other 21st century means to get their daily quota of required food & nutrition (fruits, ready to eat energy bars & health drinks, cooks, mess, Dabba service, home-delivery, eating out, etc.). Also, if one fine day, you run out of those external means to get food in your stomach, well, you can always start learning basic cooking any time of your life (duh! it’s not rocket science!).

Just because you are married and a woman, it isn’t necessary for you to always be interested in cooking full-fledged meals or how knowing to cook them, for that matter.


As for myself, I know how to cook (few of my favourite dishes) as it’s required for survival on Earth. It’s just that I lack the interest or passion to cook DAILY which keeps me from learning all the exotic stuff that you can come up with. And that is the reason I don’t cook until and unless there is some very good reason to do so; reasons ranging from feeling like cooking for my hubby (he is a very sweet guy who never complains about my cooking skills, unlike you, as he understands cooking needs interest, time, and energy for a woman who has a full-time demanding IT job), to upping the list of items that I already know to cook, to just having my own hand-made dish which I know I am good at, feeding my friends who are visiting town, etc.

Also, I have given this right to inquire about my cooking skills only to my close friends and family. So, dear well-wisher! As you do not fall in this list, I am only answering this question to you, so that you are hopefully enlightened enough about our no-interest-in-cooking and stop pestering the likes of us with this eternal question “kya kya bana leti ho?