An Oxford Comma Can Save Obama and Rihanna From Being Your Parents

An Oxford Comma Can Save Obama and Rihanna From Being Your Parents

July 27, 2018 0 By Abhishek Upadhyay
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Here are some reasons you should definitely use the Oxford comma in your writing:

Oxford comma, Serial comma, or Harvard comma is a comma placed immediately before a coordinating junction (‘and’ or ‘or’) in a list of three or more items. But some people say the Oxford comma is pretentious. Do you think so too?

Unless you are writing for some specific publication, it’s totally up to you to use the Serial comma. But sometimes skipping an Oxford comma may create misunderstandings on the readers’ prospects who are possessive about its use. It is known that there is no certain rule binding the use of the Serial comma in writing; writers are free to choose whether to use it or not. But, in the end, the whole motive behind writing something is that the meaning should be clear to the people reading it, and that is when the Harvard comma comes to the rescue.

This is why you should always use an Oxford comma:

To make clear Obama and Rihanna are not your parents

why use oxford comma

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To make sure your mom is not your enemy

why should you use oxford comma

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To make sure peanut butter and chocolate do not mix

usage of oxford comma

Also, Serial comma is not pretentious, do not reject it for silly reasons!

Oxford comma is pretentious. Really?

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