An Insight Into GoDaddy

An Insight Into GoDaddy

January 8, 2018 0 By Abhishek Upadhyay
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The name GoDaddy is synonymous with all the web design and hosting services you could possibly require. It is ranked one of the best among web services provider worldwide and is the most trusted brand, one that is known to most. So why not save big when you need to buy a domain, get a hosting for your domain, or require premium features that range from SSL certificates to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services specifically customized for you.


GoDaddy Services

There is virtually nothing that GoDaddy doesn’t offer in terms of web services. Want to buy a domain name for your blog, persona website or business; GoDaady is there. Need a hosting service provider that offers the best up-time for your site, fastest page load speed, reliable service and customer support; there is none other than GoDaddy that may even cross your mind.
GoDaddy partners with some of the best CMS providers to give you the flexibility to choose a platform that will satisfy your web designing needs, whether you need a blog designed, a website built for your business, or an online store to sell your products; GoDaddy has it all for you. Creating an online shop has never been easier, and with the security that the SSL certificates from GoDaddy provide, your customers will have a peace of mind that their personal information is not compromised while visiting your site.
With the office365 integrated into your hosting service from GoDaddy, you can work from anywhere, anytime on your documents without having the tension of carrying the files everywhere. Not only this, ranking your page higher in the search engines and staying away from spammers without any extra effort has also been made possible; thanks to the services that GoDaady has in the offering.


A Brief Review

We know there are two sides to every coin, but this popular saying feels a bit harsh on GoDaddy when it comes to the reviews that I have seen about the services provided by this company. Any company is built around its customers, the bunch of people that actually use the services and help the company grow. Needless to say, GoDaddy has stood up to all the challenges and provided a seamless service over years to its customers and thus acquired a peak position in the industry. The services that it offers are world class; the customer service is commendable; what more is to be expected? What else does a customer need?
Given the prices that they charge for their products and services, they are undoubtedly the best web service providers all over the world. They promise a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%; and stand up to it in most of the cases. As per many customers, the visits and transactions on their websites and online stores soared up higher as and when they started integrating the SSL certificates provided by GoDaddy into their sites. They also provide a money back and cancellation option for some of their products and services; a move that decreases the risk on the customer’s part such that he/she doesn’t feel cheated at any moment since the amount paid may get refunded if the product/service fails to deliver. This greatly increases the trust factor of the users towards the company. Be it the matter of buying a domain name, getting a shared or private hosting for your domain, e-mail and security features, or SEO, GoDaddy has the best to offer.


Company Background

Founded by Bob Parsons in 1997 as Jomax Technologies, GoDaddy got this name in 1999. It has been selling domain names since its inception, and later went into providing various other web services too. It became the largest ICANN accredited registrar in April 2005 and has never looked back since then. This company has a data centre of around 65 thousand square feet in the USA, connected by optical fibers and carrying a speed of 20 Gigabits per sec. The company has been into innovative ways of marketing that included advertisements in various versions of Super Bowl. As of now, GoDaddy is without doubt the best provider in terms of web services all around the world.