A MAIDen Experience

A MAIDen Experience

May 19, 2018 0 By Abhishek Upadhyay
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Every journey is a learning curve in itself. Even if it’s just an hour’s drive across the countryside, the characteristics of the natives changes to a small extent. If you travel across the span of India, you would clearly deduce the reasons of so many travellers being enticed to the idea of visiting this country. Diversity is the hint!

Travelling and getting to know people (from a distance, of course; I am an introvert!) has always been a hobby to me. As much as I would love to associate the terms ‘traveller’, ‘travel-buff’, ‘travel blogger’, ‘backpacker’, etc. to my name, my first-hand travel experiences haven’t been enough to claim those titles. Even relocating to another apartment in the vicinity has always been an interesting and exciting event for me.

So, What Exactly Was The Problem? You May Ask!

So the last time I moved in with some of my friends in a new city, I received a pretty hearty welcome. They were my friends from college, I was at home already! We used to have a gala time almost every evening. But there was one person who wasn’t much appreciative of my arrival, the maid.

I was like a foster child to her; she would never yield to my requests of an omlette or a tea at odd times. I had to follow her schedule in order to stay well-fed. There was one particular incident that I remember which increased the tension between us and I got the feeling “It’s not working anymore!” I had demanded a cup of tea from her on a hot Saturday afternoon. Don’t judge me, everyone has needs!  She obliged, but not before preparing the lunch. She then proceeded on to serve me my tea along with the lunch menu- rice, dal, and some curry.

The Ultimate Blow

Monday mornings are pretty incongruous and lazy for us, the dwellers of earth. Your body continues to (want to) stay in its state of rest unless and until acted upon by the realization of a very important aspect – work – the office you have to show up to in order to attain your means of livelihood. It was yet another Monday morning and five of my alarms had failed to wake me up. Only after the maid switched off the fan that I woke up, all soaked up in sweat, to check the time on my phone that indicated I was very very late for office.

There was no time to think, I got off the bed and started walking towards the bathroom to get ready in the shortest possible time, still struggling to open my eyes. Then I heard a voice – so loud, the Krakatoa volcanic eruption of 1883 would have been put to shame! Someone was expressing her anger on how could I dare to walk on a surface that had just been mopped.

For the first few seconds, I was in utter shock. Generally, my mother would be the one in charge of scolding me the moment I woke up. So I exclaimed, “Mummy!” But the lady was shouting at me in Marathi and my mother had no relation with the language. Furthermore, how could she show up suddenly without notifying! So I deduced, it was not my mother. I asked for her forgiveness six times, just to be sure I kept receiving my food thereafter without any poison mixed in.

Lessons Learnt:

  1. Never mess with the maid.
  2. Don’t miss your alarms.